TEI text mark-up in MS Word


After well visited workshop on digital humanities (XML-TEI mark-up language in Humanities) a practical workshop followed in organisation of DARIAH-SI. The workshop took place on the December 4th 2014.
Workshop was organised for researchers who would like to tag text with some basic TEI mark-ups (http://www.tei-c.org/index.xml), but are not familiar with XML mark-up language.

Andrej Pančur, who led the workshop, has presented:

  • OxGarage – as format convertor,
  • how to transform a MS Word DOCX document to TEI.

Participants also learned how to:

  • edit MS Word document to get an optimal mark-up conversion to TEI document
  • add new TEI marks by designating new MS Word.

In the final phase of the workshop followed a presentation of the DOCX to TEI to HTML converter custom made for the needs of Slovenian DH community (http://nl.ijs.si/tei/convert/).
Workshop was based on the practical user cases on available MS Word documents.


Presentation of online module Population Censuses of Slovenia 1830-1931

Andrej Pančur presented an online environment for digitised population censuses of Slovenia (1830-1931), which are one of the largest modules of the History of Slovenia-SIstory portal and important part of the national DH browser SI-DIH. Originally are this valuable archival sources part of the collections of the Ljubljana Historical Archive.
Pančur used practical cases to present different tools for browsing through population censuses data, newly developed transcription tools, which enable crowdsourcing and presented future development plans.