SIDIH browser is a tool that enables browsing through data from different repositories and archives of institutions and societies from the field of Arts and Humanities. The basic purpose of the browser is to join the widespread data sources in one spot, offering access to variety of data with potential research value. Browser is designed for web users on the one hand, while it on the other hand offers to individual repositories higher public recognition and better reach of their data. Who is participating in the SIDIH data federation can be seen here: Who are we/partners.

Browser is designed on the principle of permanent connection with repositories, who are sending their metadata, and aggregator (SIDIH browser), who is storing and updating the metadata. SIDIH browser is enabling quick and efficient search, presentation of the metadata is limited to basic metadata scheme (Dublin Core) and link to the local repository, where better metadata descriptions and advanced presentation or analytical tools are available. SIDIH browser serves as the intermediary, helping find the data to the respective user and sending him to the direction to the data.

Since many of the institutions, societies and ad-hoc research groups do not have means to maintain a server repository to preserve data or archives (results of their respective work) is SIDIH portal also offering possibility of archiving/long time preserving digital or digitised collections and thus playing a role of digital archive.